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Domain validation

A single tap on a button, you’ll know if the email you have is real or fake

Filter Duplicates

Remove cumbersome duplicates and catchall’s effectively

MTA Validation

By connecting to any Mail Transfer Agent, we can verify that all is in order and the email account does work

Avoiding Spam Folders

Elevate the status of your company and designate priority to your mails.

Syntax Validation

Ensures the address has all the characteristics of a legitimate email address before you send.

Security and Privacy

All your emails are encrypted, elevating the security of every mail that you deliver

Email verification API

Get access to our Email Verification API, where you can implement or integrate our products however you wish

Military-grade security

We utilize the most cutting-edge in cyber security, making use of the most modern security standards.

Clean, verified and validated email accounts

There is nothing worse than hoarding a magnificent collection of email accounts and thinking that you have a wide reach when, in actuality, a large percentage of those emails are going straight into spam folders or bouncing back as undeliverable.

This means that your database inaccurately reflects your actual ability to effectively communicate with your potential or established client base.

Cleaner Mail provides you with an established and credible pathway to maintain the integrity of your email listing, regardless of the size.

Verify Email list


Reach every inbox that is accessible.

Sift out all the invalid addresses and guarantee that your pool of clean, verified recipients will indeed get your email containing that precious information that can translate into profit, awareness and expansion. We remove the emails that are no longer valid or perhaps never were.


Bulk email testing for your convenience.

Complete email lists can be placed in your dashboard and tested within minutes, giving you complete oversight. Our system automatically cleans your list, so no time is wasted with manual removals or analysis. Once processed, you can simply download your increasingly more effective and completely scrutinized email list.

Avoiding Spam Folders

Clean Emails

An authentic mail filtering service can assist you in avoiding being relegated to a spam folder, which is worse than having your emails bounce back undelivered.

Avoiding spam folders increases your lead generation dramatically. It tells your contact that you are worthy of grabbing their attention.

We can guarantee that our API will increase your digital footprint and enhance your reputation when using Cleaner Mail, making it more challenging for account providers to demote you and discard your mail to any spam folder.

Privacy (End-to-end encryption)

All our emails are encrypted, elevating the security of every mail that you deliver. Nefarious hackers and infiltration software will no longer threaten the integrity of your communications.

Only our clients maintain the private key. All the emails are encrypted. Emails are not stored in plain text. When using our end-to-end encryption feature, your emails and their uploads are fully encrypted, where only the customer can decrypt them by providing their unique key.

Security and Privacy

Our Guarantees

API verification

Email verification API

Everyone gets access to our Email Verification API, where you can implement or integrate our products however you wish. We are adaptable like you, but quality and return on investment are our priorities.

With Pay-as-you-go you can continue to make use of our platform. If your balance runs out, you can simply top-up your credits and conduct your business as usual or use our subscription package to receive an exclusive 20% discount and increase credits monthly.